The Writer Site web platform is a complete ready-to-roll package, with everything you need to run a successful author website.

Everything listed below is included in the £199 price.

Design & Build
Your website is customised to your requirements and made ready for immediate use.
Please note that the custom elements are kept within a specific range, enabling us to offer great value and get your website completed and ready to work for you fast. Read about the customisations in the FAQ.

Content Management
Writer Site is built around the WordPress CMS platform. It has all the tools you need for publishing online content. From adding pages with text, images and media files such as video, to running a blog, WordPress has it all.

If you are new to WordPress there is A LOT of helpful guidance all over the web, as WordPress is the world’s biggest website platform. Writer Site will point you in the right direction so that you can quickly learn the key tasks. (none of which are difficult)

Mobile Ready
Our themes are not just built for desktop and laptop computers, they are designed to look good on tablets and phones too. This is so important! Authors absolutely must be able to reach the ever growing number of users browsing the web via mobile/portable devices.

Mailing List ready
Your Writer Site integrates MailerLite, a free to use Email Marketing & Automation service for small businesses, professional bloggers and authors. (there are fees for this service once you gained over a thousand sign-ups)

We set up your account and add forms to your website, hooking everything up so that you can start building your list of folk eager to hear more about your books. We will show you how to use the MailerLite system, so there’ll be no delay in getting underway with this important element of your online platform.

If you already have a different mailing list system in place, we will integrate that instead. (subject to it being a WordPress compatible system)

Writer Site incorporates effective measures to prevent fake sign-ups and spam.

Promotion Widgets
You can easily add ‘spotlight’ boxes around your Writer Site to draw attention to anything you want. Useful for advertising an event, a special offer, or display a quote from a reviewer/reader.

You can optionally have a homepage slideshow. This can be a good way to present high impact banners highlighting some key news. Or maybe you have some artwork from your book you would like to show off?

Optional Extras available. Not included in base price.

Domain & Hosting
We can install and set-up your website on secure ultra-reliable hosting. Your web domain will also be registered and configured. An email account is included with hosting, so you don’t have to use gmail, outlook, etc. Much better for your author brand! £68 per year

Please note: Standard hosting does not include ftp and control panel access, as it is surplus to requirements due to the WordPress tools you will have at your displosal. We can provide full access hosting if you are an advanced website administrator, ask for more details.

If you already have a web domain and hosting you want to use we can install your Writer Site website there: £35

Finally, if you want to deal with installation and set-up yourself, we can supply you with all your files for you to install the website on your own hosting arrangement.

Custom-made graphics
If you require graphic design work or image sourcing for elements such as a logo, header banner, slideshow images or promotional adverts, we can produce these for you. Please discuss your requirements with us.