What is Writer Site?
Writer Site is a website design service and hosting provider, specialising in meeting the web publishing needs of writers of any genre and experience level.

A high quality, user-friendly website is your gallery, portfolio, communication hub and shop window rolled into one. Writer Site exists to provide writers with an effective, affordable, high quality hassle-free website solution.

What sort of writers can use Writer Site?
Writer Site is suitable for any and every writer. Fiction and non-fiction. For those writing to an adult, young adult, teen or child readership.

How much does it all cost?
Just £199.00 for your custom website. Annual hosting can be added, for £68.00.
You will need to register a domain name for your Author website if you do not already have one.

But isn’t Writer Site just a WordPress theme?
No, its a custom website with all the installation and set-up done, so you can get on with adding your content immediately. We customise our purpose-built core theme, setting its tone to compliment your author brand and niche using color and unique graphical elements in harmony with your personal choices. We make ready contact forms and email list tools, deal with your domain and hosting (if purchased from us) … basically Writer Site hands you the keys to something well made and ready to drive, rather than a bundle of bits you need to work on for hours before using.

What are the customisations?

Standard customisations are: Colors, fonts, key graphical elements* (where they are utilized by the theme you choose, such as page background, title/heading, site header.) Setting up Pages and Menus (not including actual page content) Set-up of your mailing list forms and dashboard.
*does not include designing of logos or promotional banners.

What if I want more than the standard customisations?
Writer Site aims for a good balance between personalisation of your author website, keen pricing and prompt delivery. But you can request additional custom elements, either functional or cosmetic. This will increase the cost and slow down the build of your website. Please email us about your requirements, for a quote.

Can I request changes to the design prior to launch?
The site design and build is in three stages; initial draft based on your submitted preferences for general tone and ‘flavour’, first review for any tweaks/changes, final review for finishing touches.

It may be that you are completely happy with the initial draft, but if any changes are desired they will be dealt with during the two reviews we allow. Please be aware that the design process cannot accommodate significant redirection. It is recommended that you have a pretty clear picture of the look and feel you want before you submit your customisations outline via email.

What about cosmetic changes later, to compliment my new book or book series?
Writer Site can undertake changes/updates to your author site, should you want something such as a new header to highlight a new book. Our fees are dependent on what you request. (the content management allows you to add news posts and page content to promote an upcoming book, but it does not enable you to change the actual site design)

What is my commitment?
You can end your Writer Site arrangement at any time. You will own the site files and content forever and can use it all as you wish. Any outstanding payments will be taken. Refunds cannot be made for websites already built and hosting services signed up to. (up to the annual renewal date.)

Who will run my Writer Site content management?
You are able to control the content of every page via the WordPress admin area. All text and image content (beyond the core site design) will be added and updated by you or your marketing personnel. We will help you learn WordPress CMS if you are new to it.

Will I have hosting control panel access and FTP?
The tools within WordPress enable you to do everything you need for day to day content management and FTP and CPanel use is not generally required at all. We can assist you with hosting to include these if you are an advanced user, at additional cost.

What about Search Engines? Will my website rank high?
Any website run on the Writer Site frame has the potential to rank very well in organic search results. But the realisation of that potential is down to the person or team behind the content management and SEO of the site.

There are no SEO services included in the Writer Site package. Discuss your web marketing strategy and SEO with a specialist if you wish to work on your organic and Pay Per Click search engine listing.

Will Writer Site help me with book sales?
That depends on a whole range of factors beyond our control, but a professional quality website can contribute significantly to getting your books into the hands of readers. You can also easily link to online sales points such as Amazon Kindle or even sell direct from your Writer Site by adding an ecommerce module. We can assist with installing this, as an optional extra.

Have another question? Contact us.