Demo Sites

Take a look at our example demo websites, representing four imaginary authors.

We have set up a different theme and style for each layout, but do bear in mind that each core design can be used for any genre. We can customise the graphics and colours according to your preferences to adapt the whole look and feel of the site.

So, for example the Fantasy author’s site could be modified with graphical elements and colours to be an author platform for a writer of children’s books!

The Carly Cambel demo is an example of a Romance/Chick Lit author website. The homepage has a slideshow followed by a columned top section to share three important news items. Our demo uses the slideshow to display quotes from readers/fans. (we can produce custom graphics like these, to order, as an optional extra) The slideshow can be positioned elsewhere if preferred.

The site pages have plenty of space for displaying content in the provided right-hand sidebar and promotion sections. (you don’t have to use the promotion boxes, they can be displayed or removed instantly and easily) These are ideal for banner adverts, quotes from reviewers/readers, contact info or forms, etc.

The Sci Fi Demo is an example of how a theme can be adapted with customisations. It is based upon the same layout as the Romance-Chicklit demo site.

Our Fantasy author website has a creative, high impact look featuring a prominent graphical element to the left side. There is a main content section on the homepage, to present your key item, such as a Book release.

Using the built-in ‘quote’ format element, you can easily display a short paragraph of reader feedback or a snippet of a review in three locations on the homepage; top, bottom and lower left side. These areas can hold other content too, not just quotes.

The pages have the same layout, with main content area and left-side promotion area. There is also a promotion area you can use across the bottom of the page.

The Fantasy demo has a great ‘News/Blog’ page with a box at the top for your most important item or promotional banner.

Thomas Kirk is our fictional Crime/Thriller fiction writer! The dramatic design features a full-screen background image to really set the tone. All three of our core designs can include a full-screen background graphic. It can be swapped easily anytime, so you can change it to compliment your current book release or work in progress.

The homepage has a top section intro panel, then it displays multiple content boxes, with a right sidebar for additional highlighted items. Pages are either with sidebar or full width.

Promotions can be placed at the bottom of pages easily and can be updated anytime.