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Are you a writer? Whether you’re an established author or an Indie writer underway with your first novel, Writer Site can provide your web platform solution.

We have invested hundreds of hours to create a package that is built to specifically meet the needs of writers. That means you don’t have to lose precious hours of your own, endlessly wrestling with design and set-up issues, trying to get a website running properly.

Let Writer Site take care of your website build and use more of your own time to WRITE!

Having a good website is not an ‘optional extra’ if you are a writer wanting to reach readers and turn them into fans. It is a vital part of the process to make that vision a reality.

Get a pro quality website with all the features a writer needs in just a few easy steps
How it Works


Getting your website set up and launched is very easy with Writer Site. We provide you with a choice of three attractive site layouts. You place your order, telling us how you would like your website to look. A 50% payment is made.

Your website is customised to your specifications and installed on the hosting server, within 5 days. (or at your earliest convenience if you require more time to communicate your custom options and provide us with graphics)

We set up your email contact forms and mailing list tools. Everything is thoroughly tested. You make the next 50% payment. Your site is ready for the world.

How Much?

Writer Site is a professional website solution with a realistic price tag. Get your pro author website for just £199 (domain & hosting not included)
We believe it is the most cost effective high quality website service for authors.

You can of course launch an author platform or revamp your existing one for even less; by designing and building everything yourself. But that will cost you a whole lot of time.

Writer Site represents great value, leaving more of your budget available for other promotional tools and services. And, more importantly, you will save a huge amount of time for working on developing your writing craft and getting your book finished.